Month: October 2011

[REUBENROBERTS] Anderson County, TN – Notes regarding Thomas Roberts, William Roberts, and Moses Roberts

Hello to my fellow Reuben Roberts Researchers — this message board has been very quiet for some time now………. 
After having spent considerable time researching the WillIam Roberts line in Warren County, TN, a  few months back I began to concentrate my efforts looking into Reuben Roberts and family in Anderson County, TN (1800 – 1817). I live in Anderson County and find myself fortunate to have easier access to information than many researchers as I am closer to the courthouse and the East Tennessee Historical Society in Knoxville. One of the things I was hoping to accomplish is to identify where Reuben & family lived while in Anderson County. I am getting very close but still need to complete a few title searches before I can confirm the location.
In doing this research I have found a couple of references to members of Reuben’s family and of his in-laws, the Asher/Ashurst families. These tidbits prompt me to post this message in an effort to share some of what I’ve found and see if others have input or comments that will benefit us all.
I. Thomas Roberts — In looking at some of the 1999 posts on this board there was a bit of discussion around Thomas Roberts – who he was married to, did he move on to Iowa, etc? Per exchange of notes posted in May through June 1999 from Sheryl Fischer and Ken Robertson, I’m not sure if these issues were ever clarified.
There is an  Anderson County Deed dated 19 October 1830 from Thomas Roberts to Richard Andrews witnessed by Reuben Roberts and John Roberts. This was apparently done as a result Thomas leaving his wife Elizabeth and children and his subsequent move to White County (See Chapter LXIV – Private Acts Passed at the First Session of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, 1833. See also “Tennessee Divorces 1797 – 1858” , Taken from 750 Legislative Petitions and Acts, by Bamman and Spero. Richard Andrews was married to Martha Ashurst, daughter of John Ashurst, who was a brother of Reuben Roberts wife Milly (i.e., Martha Andrews/Ashurst was a first cousin to Thomas Roberts).
Question – Could this earlier marriage of Thomas Roberts to Elizabeth Roberts answer some of the questions raised in 1999? The divorce mentions children of the marriage – does anyone have any information on them? The last name of Elizabeth?

II. William Roberts -  There is another Anderson County deed dated 21 September 1831 naming William Roberts and Thomas Roberts as heirs of John Ashurst to Daniel Daugherty for the land of of the estate of the recently deceased John Ashurst.
“This Indenture made the 21st day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Thirty One between William Roberts & Thomas Roberts of the Countys of Warren and also of the County of White and State of Tennessee of the one part and Daniel Daugherty of the County of Anderson and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Roberts & Thomas Roberts for and in consideration of the sum of one Dollar to them in hand paid by the said Daniel Daugherty the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath and by these presents doth grant bargain sell and confirm unto the said Daniel Daugherty his heirs and assigns forever the undivided part of Two several tracts of land belonging to the heirs of John Ashurst deceased. We William Roberts & Thomas Roberts being heirs of the said John Ashurst deceased at law one tract of One hundred and six acres of land being the land where the said John Ashurst deceased formerly lived {land description follows} …………”
 This deed was witnessed by Joseph M. Ashurst (brother of Martha Andrews) and James Roberts. This deed is significant because it is evidence of the link between the Reuben Roberts/Milly Asher family and William Roberts of Warren County, TN.  This William Roberts is named as an heir to John Ashurst (along with Thomas Roberts)  and noted as being from Warren County, TN, not White  County (Thomas Roberts was living in White County in 1831).
I am posting a PDF version of this deed at!/?cid=1012221a9857853b&sc=documents&uc=1&id=1012221A9857853B%21110.
I have updated my previous notes regarding William Roberts to reflect this information in the same site.

III. Moses Roberts -  In looking at the Anderson County deeds I find references to Moses Roberts as living very close to where Reuben was apparently living. Example, The Grantee in the 1831 deed noted above, Daniel Daughtery, is found in the 1830 Anderson County census listed with one household between him and Moses Roberts. This Ashurst land is near where Reuben & clan lived.  I have seen notes on the internet (uncornfirmed) and even on this messageboard about Reuben Roberts having a brother named Moses.
Does anyone have information regarding a brother of Reuben Roberts named Moses?