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Superscripts with Evernote

One of my favorite programs, for genealogy as well as other things is Evernote.  It has always had one shortcoming, though, which is that the computer versions didn’t have a direct way to do superscripts.  That makes transcription of older … Continue reading

NGS National Conference

I’m at the National Genealogical Society family history conference again this year, this time in Las Vegas. The city is sort of wasted on me since I’m not real interested in gambling but it’s a good conference.  Some highlights after … Continue reading

Review of Evidentia

Evidentia is a different kind of genealogy software, designed to help you implement the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) rather than build a family tree.  I tested the program with a recent line of research I was working on and found … Continue reading

The reasonably exhausting search

I recently decided to try applying the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) to some research I was working on to determine the parents of John McKelvey (1789-1847) of Ionia County, Michigan.  The first requirement of the GPS is that a reasonable … Continue reading

King Richard III and DNA

The story of the confirmation of the discovery of Richard III‘s remains under a parking lot in England is all over the news today and is a great story.  Reading the details it shows that they did their research the … Continue reading

Evidentia pre-review

I just learned of the program Evidentia, which is designed to guide you through the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) process.  I just downloaded a copy to review, and though I’d give my thoughts on what such a program should do … Continue reading

Surname Saturday – Konarski

I was reminded of Surname Saturday and thought I’d give it a try.  I’m going to start out with my own surname, Konarski.  Konarski is a Polish name.  The root “kon” comes from the Polish word for horse, koń.  There … Continue reading

The last person in my RootsMagic file

I’m following the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun assignment from  I like the random topics he suggests. 1. Go to your family tree database of choice (you know, like RootsMagic, Reunion, Ancestry Member Tree), and determine who the very last … Continue reading

Review of

Ancestry recently opened a new site,  It is similar to other newspaper sites like GenealogyBank and NewspaperArchive.  So do we gain anything from another newspaper archive site? has over 800 newspapers.  For comparison, GenealogyBank claims 6100+ newspapers and … Continue reading

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

I just found the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun feature on the Geneamusing blog so I thought I’d try it.  Here is this evening’s challenge: Go to the Baby Name Wizard site and see how popular your name was over the … Continue reading

RootsMagic 6 Review

RootsMagic 6 was recently released.  It’s not a major overhaul but it adds a variety of new features. Installation on a Mac I run RootsMagic on my Mac inside CrossOver, a program that lets you run Windows programs without installing … Continue reading

Genealogy and cheetahs

In August we got to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund near Otjiwarongo, Namibia.  The day was the highlight of our trip to Southern Africa for me, as I got to see cheetahs and learn a lot about them.  One part … Continue reading

New York State’s Curious, Century-Old Law Requiring Every City and Town to Have a Historian – Arts & Lifestyle – The Atlantic Cities

New York State’s Curious, Century-Old Law Requiring Every City and Town to Have a Historian – Arts & Lifestyle – The Atlantic Cities. I learned something I didn’t know, that each city and town has to have a historian.  A … Continue reading

Victorians Smiling

Victorians Smiling | Retronaut RootsMagic posted this on Facebook, but I had to pass it along.  The web site Retronaut has a set of pictures of people from the Victorian times smiling.  It’s not that people didn’t smile back then, … Continue reading

The Atlas of True Names

The Atlas of True Names is a set of maps with the place names translated into modern English.  For example, Dublin becomes the cool sounding “Darkpool” and New York becomes “New Yew Tree Village”.  A lot of place names don’t … Continue reading

The Genealogical Maturity Model

While writing about my improving genealogical practices yesterday, I remembered something I had read a while ago called the Genealogical Maturity Model.  The goal is to try to provide a scale for one to determine their level of genealogical practice … Continue reading